Most Appreciated AI applications of 2019

Most Appreciated Artificial Intelligence Applications of 2019


A large portion of us thought about what change would Artificial Intelligence (AI) acquire 2019. Here are some of the most appreciated Artificial Intelligence applications of the year 2019.

  • AI Chips: Artificial Intelligence relies upon particular processors. The propelled CPU models can likewise not improve the speed of the AI models. The AI model requires additional hardware to take care of complex arithmetic calculations to speed up undertakings. Top chip producers have come up with chips to improve the speed of AI-based applications. Industry-grade applications are relying upon these chips to give insight to shoppers or end-clients.
  • The AI and IoT merge: 2019 witnessed a merge in AI and IoT at the edge computing layer. The concept of self-driving cars is all about the merge of AI and IoT. The sensors collecting real-time data are IoT enabled and AI models make the decisions. Moreover, edge devices are equipped with AI-enabled chips based on ASICs and FPGAs.
  • Interaction among neural networks: Perhaps the greatest test in building neural system models relies upon choosing the correct structure. Designers and information researchers need to pick the correct stage from plenty of choices, including TensorFlow, Caffe2, PyTorch, etc. After a model is built and evaluated in a specific system, it is hard to port the prepared model to another structure. This is because of the absence of interoperability or interaction capability among neural system toolboxes. To conquer this, top AI corporates have joined forces to create Open Neural Network Exchange, which permits reusing prepared neural system models across different structures. This has been a vital development of 2019.
  • Automated Machine Learning Models: Automation here concerning machine learning is the elimination of a heinous task of training models. This is termed to be AutoML. When using AutoML, business groups can effectively concentrate on the business problem rather than getting lost in the technical workflow.
  • Facial Recognition: Facial recognition is an AI-based technique that is introduced to identify an individual using patterns of their facial features and their digital image.2019 saw expanded use of facial recognition with high dependability and exactness. From publicizing to delivery experience, facial recognition was broadly utilized. Due to the non-obtrusive identification proof and simplicity of the organization, this AI innovation pattern will keep on rising. The upcoming facial recognition strategies can likewise be utilized in the social insurance industry for clinical preliminaries and restorative diagnostics. Openwater, one of the versatile medical imaging advances, is breaking the limits that can peruse pictures from our mind.


We can be easily shout out that 2019 was a great year for AI. From the AI applications mentioned, it can be concluded that AI is not going to witness a decline any time soon. We will continue to see new AI trends and applications with each passing year.

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