Analyze your business data and business processes with our data analysis solutions. Data Analytics Know More Make your AI models better and superior in the market with our data annotation services. Data Annotation Know More Data Collection Data is the key to power smart solutions. In the ‘AI Hierarchy of Needs’, Data Collection holds the first level. Know More

We create smart data to make machines more intelligent

mCycloid is a one-stop destination for all your AI needs. Better training data is the key to make machines more intelligent. We offer data collection and data labeling/annotation services for all types of AI applications and scientific systems.

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The Main Features

mCycloid comes with all those features that makes your AI models better and superior in the market.


Data Analytics

In our data-rich age, understanding how to analyze and extract true meaning from our business’s digital insights is one of the primary drivers of success. For business growth, all you need to do is analyze your business data and business processes. Data Analysis is the process of collecting, modeling, and analyzing data to extract insights that support decision-making. mCycloid provides data analysis services on both quantitative and qualitative data.

Descriptive Analytics

Aims to answer the question of what happened? Ordering, manipulating, and interpreting raw data from various sources to turn it into valuable insights to your business. Allows us to present our data in a meaningful way. This analysis on its own will not allow you to predict future outcomes or tell you the answer to questions like why something happened, but it will leave.

Exploratory Analytics

The main aim of the exploratory analysis is to explore the data. Prior to it, there’s still no notion of the relationship between the data and the variables. Once the data is investigated, the exploratory analysis enables you to find connections and generate hypotheses and solutions for specific problems. A typical area of application for exploratory analysis is data mining.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic data analytics empowers analysts and business executives by helping them gain a firm contextual understanding of why something happened. If you know why something happened as well as how it happened, you will be able to pinpoint the exact ways of tackling the issue or challenge. Designed to provide direct and actionable answers to specific.

Predictive Analytics

The predictive method allows you to look into the future to answer the question: what will happen? In order to do this, it uses the results of the descriptive, exploratory, and diagnostic analysis procedures, in addition to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). With this, you can uncover future trends, potential problems or inefficiencies, connections, and casualties in your data.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive data techniques cross over from predictive analysis in the way that it revolves around using patterns or trends to develop responsive, practical business strategies. By drilling down into prescriptive analysis, you will play an active role in the data consumption process by taking well-arranged sets of visual data and using it as a powerful fix to emerging issues.

Vision Analytics

Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision-based applications on Edge Cloud and extracting actionable insights from images and videos in Real-Time. Helping Enterprises to develop Visual Analytics processing capabilities. Fully Managed Video Analytics Solutions for Object, Scene, and Activity Detection; Facial Recognition, and Gesture Recognition has been our expertise.

Data Collection

Data is the key to power smart solutions. In the ‘AI Hierarchy of Needs’, Data Collection holds the first level. Data Collection involves understanding the data requirement, acquiring, cleaning, exploring, and transforming it, prior to acclimatizing it for labeling.

Photographic Data

We provide all types of Technical Videography and Imaging services. Photographic data involves data captured through Drones, CCTVs, and various Digital Cameras. Photography equipment generates large amounts of data, which is usually in the form of images or video streams. It is used for training AI algorithms in the identification of objects of interest, tracking, counting, and detecting changeover.

Survey Data

Our services under the survey data include Forest, Wild Life, Road, Traffic, Terrain, Agriculture, and Marine Life. Data Collection through survey involves working with data associated with elements of geometry, trigonometry, and metrology. Regular equipment calibration and holding back to the consistent and best practices has been our approach to avoid the redundancy and errors in the process of survey.

Historical Data

Historical data is a collection of past events and circumstances on a particular subject. The data can be used as a reference to perform technical and quantitative research analysis. Our services here includes marketing data, literature data, customer data, business data, online data, and technical data. Machine Learning is used to predict future outcomes of organizations based on what they can learn from the past.

Data Annotation

Data Annotation is the process of adding metadata to a dataset. This metadata is in the form of tags/labels, which can be added to the data of interest. Adding comprehensive and consistent tags is a key part of developing a training dataset for machine learning once the data is collected. In the ‘AI Hierarchy of Needs’, Data Annotation holds the second level. We provide Data Labeling services for images, videos, text, and speech data types.

Crop Inspection

Plant health is analysed. All the irregular sections of the plants are annotated to detect the plant disease at an early stage. Deep Learning models with the right training data have the potential to advance the agricultural sector with embedded intelligence. Implementation of Machine Learning in the farming sector includes crop inspection, weed killing, and analyzing pesticide.

Object and Pedestrian Tracking

Grabbing the GPS coordinates of the objects and pedestrians of interest and deploying them as the training parameters on the algorithm side has been the approach. Object-Pedestrian occlusion, blockage, and truncation are a few of the other parameters that are extracted for the training through labeling. Pedestrian and object detection is widely applied in surveillance and robotics.

Analysis on Marine Life

Our professionally trained scuba diving team reached out the seabed and captured the various life under the sea with high-end GoPros. The seabed area where the fish species- Anthias and Sea Goldie are majorly found was targeted. Classification of these two species of fishes with the analysis of few other marine species has been the scope of the work here.

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