Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has always been both on the good and bad the side. Good and bad outcomes have been a part and parcel of AI. But the bad news is always under the spotlight. Right from Autonomous cars killing people on road to increasing cybersecurity threats all come under the cons of AI. However, there is a positive and substantial growth in AI. With all these good and bad it becomes important to know what is that AI bringing up in the future.

AI will come out of the Data Puzzle

Over the last decade, the reason for the AI being on the top and successful has to do with the availability of huge data. But now it seems data itself to be one of the most important reasons for the failure of AI. Human intelligence has mastered adapting new situations that are not in the case of AI. It’s comparatively easy to generate data for simple applications rather complex ones. Considering all the possible combinations of data is almost impossible. Applications cannot rely only on past data for their predictions. The generation of new possible cases of data can change the direction of AI applications. In recent years, there has been significant research to overcome these data issues. Generating data through artificial ways would grow at a much faster speed in the future years. These are said to be synthetic datasets. All these efforts of generating data will ease out the problem of applications failing due to limited data in the cart.

Crowd Content is no more the king

Online stores right from food to travel ones attribute their growth to reviews of their real customers. A large portion of us was placing our confidence in the crowd and fully trust their reviews. This has become a key part of driving new deals in various business fragments. Thus, we were depending on crowd insight. In any case, with the new substance age Robots, every single such business will be overflowed with AI produced reviews and it will be extremely simple to trick the Customer.

AI -The Language All Over the World

Individuals conversing outside their locale will talk through the Language of AI. In 2019, we have just observed gadgets that can assist you in conversing with individuals communicating in a different language. The contributions will turn out to be increasingly subjective and comprehensive. An ever-increasing number of languages are being included with an astounding pace in such conversational gadgets. The effect of such advancements will bring plenty of applications. This will bring out an incredible effect on business and society. People with different origins, knowledge, language, and skills crossing borders would be seemingly simple and more common. It can prove to be an economic booster or a disaster based on the way the countries plan and imbibe the changes.

AI – Boon to Privileged and Poison to Under-Privileged

Individuals with assets are conveying and using new-age advances to further their potential benefit. They have assets to put resources into new applications and become the first adopters of innovation. It is also being used to increase the efficiency of distribution networks, delivery chain, connectivity. Each enormous business is at advancing to additionally expand the AI reception right from Mining to Airlines. In the long run, AI is further strengthening the partition between the wealthy and those who lack wealth. Average folks are turning out to be pawns in the hands of AI applications. Their privacy is taken away. As automation is growing and acquiring the major portions of manual work, the laborers are not valued. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer.


With all these trends in the pipeline, it will be vital for the organizations, Countries and the world to set their AI strategy in place. However, it’s the same with each and every technology which is either evolving or established. AI is no exception.

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