The ChatBot Story

There’s always been a debate on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has its pros and cons likewise any other technology. Irrespective of the subject the negativity surrounding goes viral in no time. Let me take you on a ride through a funny yet strange AI story.

A couple of years ago a leading AI and tech company launched a chatbot on a social media site. The chatbot intended to come off as a normal teen. But it turned into both a troller and a troll material. So what is the reason for things going wrong? An online trade publication and social community for IT professionals investigated the matter. They turned to the AI experts for knowledge into what happened and how we can learn from it.

The chatbot intended and experimented to learn from online conversations. Planned to focus on teen accounts on social media. To engage and associate itself with the easy-going and energetic discussion. This was all the plan and goal of the creators. In a couple of hours after the chatbot’s debut on social media, it gained humongous followers and mentions.

The problem? It started impersonating its followers.

Soon the chatbot started making statements that were nonfactual and unacceptable in the society. It started posting unreal and abusive content on social media.

For a few this behavior of the chatbot was not at all a surprise. The Cybersecurity team stated- “When the framework intended to learn from its clients, it will end up being an impression of their conduct, one needs to train a framework about what isn’t appropriate, as we do with youngsters. Any AI framework learning from awful models could wind up improper”.

The organizers of a famous AI meetup stated: “like all chatbots, this too has no clue what it’s saying…it has no clue if it’s maxim something hostile, or unreasonable, or significant”.

At the point when the debutant began preparing on patterns that were contribution by trolls on the web, it began utilizing those examples. This is the same as a parrot in a shabby bar getting awful words and rehashing them back without realizing what they truly mean.

One of the companies that successfully launched an Emotional Intelligence AI model believes that the creators of the failed chatbot could have made a superior showing by utilizing better AI tools. If the chatbot creators would use these emotional intelligence machines they would have given the chatbot a character that wasn’t a racist on social media”. This is not the first time chatbots have failed. Many giant companies have chatbot failures to their credit.

On one hand few of the industry experts criticized the chatbot and its creators by recommending them to visit a psychiatrist. On the other hand, others accepted this debacle as a lesson on how to improve AI frameworks. The chatbot had to be disconnected offline within a day of its debut. The creators planned that they would be making changes with the chatbot. Few stated that the issue experienced will keep on occurring despite measures taken.

Finally, after all the criticism the creators spoke upon the failure. They claimed their creation to be an experimental model. They happened to play mindfully by blaming the social media users on their commenting skills and social conduct. If the users were well mannered the chatbot would be a successful product.

Whatever, the entire social media world was taken onto a hilarious ride.

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